Half Price Print

  • Half Price Print

Half Price Print

Every month I offer up one larger scale print for about half price. The price may vary a little month to month depending on the print. Only one print from the edition is for sale - if it's marked "sold out" the half price print is claimed, but I likely have more prints from the edition available for "full price" if you are interested.

Please also note that these are not the only prints that are for sale! All of the work at www.matthewvanasselt.com is for sale, just not listed in the store. Please email me at matt.vanasselt@gmail.com for pricing and availability of other works. If there is a particular print you'd like to see in this half price option, let me know..

This month's print:
"Competing Self Storage Units in the Desert"
Edition of 5

These will ship in a tube! If you'd like me to ship it flat just email me. Expect to pay an extra $30 for materials for flat shipping.

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